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Five free versions of solitaire card game
Click on a version below to play
pyramid solitaire card game
Click here to play pyramid solitaire.
Pyramid the most popular member of the Solitaire family. Although it rarely comes out, Pyramid is widely played and is the subject of elaborate record keeping on the part of some devoted followers.
golf solitaire card game
Click here to play golf solitaire.
Golf makes no great demands. Golf offers some scope for skill. But winning at Golf is rare. Golf is marketing's favorite.
yukon solitaire card game
Click here to play yukon solitaire
Chance of wining is 1 in 4 games. Game to test your skills.
scorpion solitaire card game
Click here to play scorpion solitaire.
Scorpion is a highly colorful way of finding out if the chance of the deal has created any crisscrosses. Chance of winning is 1 in 10 games
calculation solitaire card games Click here to play calculation solitaire
Calculation stands at the top of the list of games for skill play. The experienced player wins four or five times as often as the beginner.

Java game author Andrew Pipkin

Thank you for playing our online solitaire card games, calculation, scorpion, yukon, golf and pyramid