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Free IQ Puzzle Game

A triangular puzzle game
Instructions below
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Take away all but one red ball, or leave as few as possible.


1. You move a ball by jumping over another ball, but these balls must be in line, see example. Click on* a ball you want to move, then drag* the ball to an empty hole one space away. (The ball will follow your cursor)

2. Release the ball in new hole. The ball you jumped is removed.

Click "UNDO" and "REDO" anytime you want. ( This game is not a matter of life and death.)

Click the "NEW GAME" button anytime to start a new game. 

The first hole position is chosen randomly.

Try to keep the balls together at the bottom of triangle.

*Click on: Using your mouse move the cursor on the computer screen to where you need to click. Then press your mouse button. Drag*: Repeat above except keep your mouse button pressed while you move the cursor on your computer screen

iq puzzle help

iq puzzle help

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Play 21st IQ puzzle game online