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Free 21st Marbles

online java puzzle game
Instructions below game

Programs require a Java enabled browser. With the latest Java 7 Update 51, you may need to add to the "Exception Site List" on the Security Tab of the Java Control Panel and change the security level from "high" to "medium" only if you still have a problem. How To access the Java Control Panel. Click on the Security Tab and move the slider to Medium, this will allow the puzzle applet to load with security prompts. You can also add to the Exception Site List while on this same tab. Click Apply and then click OK. More help
Click on a version below to play

Ahhhhhhh, no Java !

Usage guide

This is very intriguing logic and strategic maze game that requires a lot of planning, foreseeing and manipulation (especially on higher levels). Player controls between two and six heavy marbles revolving them between the walls of echoing corridors. His object is to push them into available holes.

Player moves between two to six marbles, simultaneously, through corridors. The object is to end with all the marbles in an available hole (white circle). Move the marbles by clicking on*  the directional arrow buttons (right of game) or clicking on the game and then use the directional keys on your keyboard.

Start game
Click on the button "New Game" to start a new game. Each time you click on "new game" the position of the holes will change.

The idiot level has only two marbles, while the highest level, the master, has six marbles. To change the level click on one of the following buttons: "Idiot", "Beginner", "Intermediate", "Expert" or "Master". The amount of planning, foreseeing and manipulation required increases as the number of marbles increase.

Each level has 9 different mazes. To change a maze click on arrow (next to current maze number), scroll to desired maze.

Your best score is displayed to the right of the screen. Your score will not be saved.

*Click on
Using your mouse move the cursor on the computer screen to where you need to click. Then press your mouse button. 

In order to see the most interesting part of this page you have to use WWW browser with a support for JAVA applets and enable Java options in it. If you are having a problem click here for help

21st Marbles an internet online game for many hours of enjoyment